Tax Credits

Many federal, state and local jurisdictions offer tax credits and incentives for businesses and individuals. We have the expertise to assist your business in identifying and obtaining these opportunities. In most cases, we are able to identify opportunities that provide revenue and tax savings to our clients.

Credits and incentives may include income or franchise tax credits, sales and use tax exemptions and refunds, property tax abatements, reimbursements for training expenses, and specific hiring and industry credit filings. In addition to organic incentives and credits, we can also assist in securing transferrable credits that help reduce your actual tax base.

  • Federal Credits
  • High-Wage Jobs Tax Credits
  • Job Training Incentive Program Incentives
  • Manufacturing Credits
  • Technology and R&D Credits
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
  • Indian Employment Credits
  • Enterprise zone credits and incentives
  • Tax credit or rebate for alternative fuel usage
  • State and local refund claims for exempt sales